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XYZ Gallery (Blacksburg, Va) (1980s - )


Administrative History

XYZ Gallery was started in the 1980s as a student art association for studio art majors to independently display their work. The association earned the support of community member Jeanette Hamlin, who owned the space still used today at 223 N. Main Street. After she passed away in the late 2000s, the patronage of the gallery was taken over by her daughter, Ann Linden, and it still continues today. As of 2021, XYZ Gallery will have been in the space at 223 N. Main for 25 years. Over time, XYZ Gallery became not only a place for art students, but for students of all majors and disciplines to promote the arts and their talents hand in hand with their faculty and the overall Blacksburg community. Though the student body shifts from year to year, XYZ continues to touch the lives of each who passes up the stairs and through its doors, and hopes to do so for many years to come. []