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Wood, Kasey, and Wood (Max Meadows, Va.)


Historical Note

Wood, Kasey, and Wood Company (sometimes referred to as Wood Kasey and Co.) served Max Meadows, Virginia, as a general store during the mid- to late nineteenth century. While dealing largely in foodstuffs, clothing, alcohol and common household items, Wood, Kasey, and Wood also shipped zinc ore from local mines to the Lehigh Zinc Company of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and Mercer Zinc Works of Trenton, New Jersey. According to Wythe County Virginia, A Bicentennial History, iodized zinc ore was hauled to Max Meadows from local lead mines because it was the closest shipping point.

Thomas Wood, the elder proprietor of Wood, Kasey, and Wood, appears in the 1880: Wythe County Virginia Census as a 67-year-old merchant-placing his birth year around 1813. Born in England, Wood immigrated to Virginia and married Margaret Elizabeth Crockett in November 26, 1841. This union produced many children: William, Robert, Grafton, Bamford, Mary Agnes, Margaret Louise, Elizabeth Graham, John, Ann, and Josie Wood. Several of Thomas's sons appear in the ledger books and G. C. (Grafton) and William Wood sometimes appear as Thomas's partners. Daughter Margaret Louise Wood married Alexander Marion Kasey, likely her father's business partner.

Found in 1 Collection or Record:

Wood, Kasey, and Wood Account Books

Identifier: Ms-2008-035

The Wood, Kasey, and Wood Account Books document the transactions of a general store and zinc distributor in Max Meadows, Virginia, during the mid- to late nineteenth century. Materials include two detailed ledgers, three day books, and one cash book.

Dates: 1864 - 1891