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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Athletic Association


Historical Note

While some sports were played in the early days of the College, the first formal effort to organize campus sports was in 1891 with the formation of the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College Athletic Association. In 1901, President McBryde appointed a faculty committee to administer the expanding athletic program. Then a reorganization plan was drafted that entrusted control of athletics to three committees: an advisory council, executive committee, and a faculty committee on athletics. In 1904, James Gibboney was made graduate manager and formed a new plan that created an Athletic Council to control college athletics. The Athletic Council governed the body of athletics and the Athletic Association was the operating organization and a non-stock corporation under state law until 1990. In 1990, Virginia Tech athletics were reorganized and put under the direct control of the University.

The Association founded the student newspaper in 1903 and operated it as its official organ until the student body assumed control in 1931. The Association also owned and operated the College Bookstore from 1911 until 1968 when VPI Facilities, Inc., assumed control.