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American Nazi Party (1960-1967)



  • Usage: 1960 - 1967

Historical Note

The American Nazi Party was founded as the World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists by George Lincoln Rockwell in 1959. The name was changed to the American Nazi Party in 1960, then to the National Socialist White People's Party in 1967, and finally to New Order in 1983. The party was founded on the political principles of National Socialism (Nazism). The party's political platform included deporting black people, sterilizing Jewish people and liquidating their assets, honoring Adolf Hitler's memory, and promoting racial purity for white people. The party was led by its founder, George Lincoln Rockwell, from 1959 until his assassination in 1967. One of his deputies, Matt Koehl, succeeded him and led the party from 1967 until his death in 2014. Another original member of the party, Rocky Suhayda founded his own organization using the American Nazi Party name. Suhayda's organization has been active since at least the 2008 presidential election and claims a connection to the American Nazi Pary from 1959 but is officially a separate entity.

Found in 1 Collection or Record:

American Nazi Party Recruiting Materials,

Identifier: Ms-2015-060

This collection includes materials from a membership recruiting packet for the American Nazi Party from c.1966.

Dates: c.1966