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Ellett, Robert Thaddeus, 1836-1904


Biographical Note

Robert Thadeus Ellett, son of Robert and Susan Gilman Ellett, was born in Hanover County, Virginia on April 29, 1836. After graduating from the Medical College of Virginia in 1859, Ellett practiced medicine in New Kent and Hanover counties. Early in the Civil War, Ellett raised a company of artillery for the Confederate Army. Ellett served as captain of the unit, known as the Pamunkey Artillery. Ellett resigned his commission in September, 1862, and in January, 1863, was appointed assistant surgeon in the Confederate Army and assigned to the hospital at Montgomery White Sulphur Springs, Virginia. He seems to have continued to serve at the hospital through the remainder of the war and was paroled at Charleston, West Virginia in June, 1865. In 1867, Ellett married Sue Virginia French (1847-1920), daughter of Guy D. and Aramenta D. French. The Elletts would have 11 children. The family lived in Radford, Virginia for several years, then moved to Blacksburg. In 1890, they moved to Christiansburg, where Ellett continued to practice medicine. Robert Thadeus Ellett died on May 29, 1904, and is buried in Sunset Cemetery, Christiansburg, Virginia.

Found in 99 Collections and/or Records:

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