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Bosworth, Squire, 1785-1870


Biographical Note

Squire Bosworth, the son of Joshua Bosworth, was born in Montgomery, Massachusetts in 1785. He moved with his family to what is northwestern Virginia (now West Virginia) while still young. After teaching school in Parkersburg and Beverly, Bosworth studied medicine under a Dr. Dolbear and established his practice in Beverly. He served for a time as Randolph County court clerk and as deputy sheriff and represented Randolph and Tucker counties in the Virginia General Assembly. Bosworth married Hannah Buckey, daughter of Peter Buckey, in 1816, and the couple would have ten children: John W., Squire N., George W., Elam B., Rebecca, Lucy, Harriet, Martha, Christina, and Mary. Squire Bosworth died in Beverly, West Virginia in 1870. His son, John W. Bosworth, would also become a physician. Another son, Squire N. Bosworth, served during the Civil War in the 31st Virginia Infantry. Following the war, Squire N. Bosworth married Florence A. Brown (daughter of Bernard L. Brown). He worked as a dry goods merchant and served for many years as Beverly's postmaster.

Found in 47 Collections and/or Records:

Letter, Mollie D. B. to 'Pa,' Philippi WVa., September 20, 1869 (Ms2010-060)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms2010_060_BosworthSquires_1869_0920

Letter, 'Sister Bee' (Sunny Manse) to 'Bro,' n.d. (Ms2010-060)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms2010_060_BosworthSquires_xxxx_0913

Letter, 'Sister Bee' (Sunny Manse) to 'Bro Newt,' June 29, 1866 (Ms2010-060)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms2010_060_BosworthSquires_1866_0629

Letter, Unidentified to 'Uncle,' Bridgewater Va., October 6, 1867 (Ms2010-060)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms2010_060_BosworthSquires_1867_1006

Letter, William H. Richardson to Squire Bosworth, July 17 1859 (Ms2010-060)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms2010_060_BosworthSquires_1859_0717

Marriage Certificate, Mary M. Chenoweth and Hicman Triplett, Randolph County Va., January 19, 1861 (Ms2010-060)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms2010_060_BosworthSquires_MarriageCertificate_1861_0119