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Drosten, Mary Lou, 1910-1991



  • Existence: 1910 - 1991

Biographical Note

Mary Lou Drosten was born on July 5, 1910 in St. Louis, Missouri. Drosten attended Washington University in St. Louis from 1928-1933. There, she received a B.A. in Architecture. After graduation, Drosten became a caseworker. In 1937, Drosten married Fred Drosten. Mary Lou Drosten and Fred Drosten had four children. Throughout her life, Drosten lived in St. Louis, MO; Oak Ridge, TN; Nicaro, Cuba; Chattanooga, TN; Huntsville, AL; and retired in St. Louis, MO. In Chattanooga, TN, Mary Lou owned Drosten Design and worked on many projects. Some projects of note include a building design for a dental surgeon (1934), 7-room residence for the Drosten family in Chevy Chase (1937), and proposal for a new hospital for polio in Des Moines (1942). Despite Drosten suffering from polio, she continued to work in the architectural field. Drosten died on November 16, 1991.

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