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Alonso, Carmen Espegel


Biographical Note

Carmen Espegel Alonso was born on March 27, 1960 in Palencia, Spain. She received her architecture degree with honors from the Madrid School of Architecture in 1985, specializing in town planning. Espegel Alonso then continued her education at the Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven (Belgium). She graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1995 with a Master's in Conservation of Historic Towns and Buildings. Espegel Alonso completed her doctoral work at the Madrid School of Architecture. Since 1991, Espegel Alonso has been an Associate Professor of Projects at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid. She has been a practicing architect since 1985, has served as Principal of her own firm, VZK Architects, from 1991 to 1998, and is currently (2004) working with her firm, Espegel-Fisac Arquitectos, which she founded with Concha Fisac de Ron in 2003.

Found in 19 Collections and/or Records:

Plumbing and lighting,"Villa de Plinio", June 1985 (Ms2001-021)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms2001-021_EspegelAlonsoCarmen_Oversize2_Drawing_1985_06_17

Porches [Details], "Villa de Plinio", June 1985 (Ms2001-021)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms2001-021_EspegelAlonsoCarmen_Oversize2_Drawing_1985_06_14

Roof Details, "Villa de Plinio", June 1985 (Ms2001-021)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms2001-021_EspegelAlonsoCarmen_Oversize2_Drawing_1985_06_16

Section through Patio,"Villa de Plinio", June 1985 (Ms2001-021)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms2001-021_EspegelAlonsoCarmen_Oversize1_Drawing_1985_06_07

Section through patio,"Villa de Plinio", June 1985 (Ms2001-021)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms2001-021_EspegelAlonsoCarmen_Oversize2_Drawing_1985_06_11

Section through patio,"Villa de Plinio", June 1985 (Ms2001-021)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms2001-021_EspegelAlonsoCarmen_Oversize2_Drawing_1985_06_12

Sections, "Villa de Plinio", June 1985 (Ms2001-021)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms2001-021_EspegelAlonsoCarmen_Oversize2_Drawing_1985_06_10

Stair scheme,"Villa de Plinio", June 1985 (Ms2001-021)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms2001-021_EspegelAlonsoCarmen_Oversize2_Drawing_1985_06_13

Transverse Section and Elevation,"Villa de Plinio", June 1985 (Ms2001-021)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms2001-021_EspegelAlonsoCarmen_Oversize1_Drawing_1985_06_08

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