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Perkins, Alfred Henry Dashiell (1845-1928)


Biographical Note

Alfred Henry Dashiell Perkins (1845-1928) fought in Company E of the 7th Tennessee Cavalry for the Confederacy during the Civil War. While his mother was a devout Unionist, Perkins felt that it was his right as a Southern man to fight for the south. He enlisted at Jackson, Tennessee, before his 16th birthday with the "Soouthern Guards" under the command of Lieutant Colonel Pick Jones. He joined the 7th Cavarly in 1862. Throughout his career as a soldier, he was involved in numerous battles, some small skirmishes in town and some bigger battles involving his whole regiment. His foot and leg was injured in one of the battles, which incapicipated him for a while. He was also keeper of the Confederate Flag for these battles, guarding it with his life. Perkins was captured by the Union Army but was able to escape back to his regiment in Memphis, Tennessee. Before his regiment surrendered to the Union Army, one of his last acts as a Confederate soldier was to shred the flag into pieces, handing one piece to each of the soldiers, in order not to surrender the flag to the enemy.

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Found in 1 Collection or Record:

Alfred Henry Dashiell Perkins Memoir

Identifier: Ms-2021-035

The collection includes an undated typescript copy of Alfred Henry Dashiell Perkins’s memoir, describing his time as a Confederate soldier in the 7th Tennessee Cavalry during the American Civil War.

Dates: undated