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Americæ Pars, Nunc Virginia (reproduction)

 Collection — Object: 1
Identifier: Map-0032

Cartouche contains the following text as the full title: "Americae pars, Nunc Virginia dicta, primum ab Anglis inuenta sumtibus Dn. Walteri Raleigh, Equestris ordinis viri Anno Dm. MDLXXXV regm verso Sereniss: notrae Reginae Elisabethae XVII. Hujus vero Historia peculiari Libro discripta est, additis etiam Indigenarum Iconibus." The box on the upper left reads, "Autore Ioanne with Sculptore Theodoro DeBry, Quiet excud."

Map is a photocopy.

Dates: 1585

Belgii Novi. Angliæ Novæ, et partis virginiæ Novissima Delineatio (reproduction),

 Collection — Object: 1
Identifier: Map-0006

Facsimile of 17th century map of the northeastern United States, from the Chesapeake Bay to the Saint Lawrence River, encompassing present-day Maryland to New Hampshire, including part of Virginia.

Dates: c. 17th century

Nova Virginiæ Tabula (reproduction)

 Collection — Object: 1
Identifier: Map-0033

Map is Hendrick Hondius' derivation from John Smith's 1612 maps of the same geographic area. Contains a British coat of arms and illustrations of a native Virginian (facing the Chesapeake Bay) and Powhatan's court. Reproduction is a photocopy.

Dates: c. 1630

Virginia et Florida A.D. (reproduction),

 Collection — Object: 1
Identifier: Map-0001

Based on a chart by Iodocus Hondius, 1607.

Reprinted, 1932.

Dates: 1607 - 1607

Virginiæ partis australis, et Floridæ partis orientalis, interjacentiumque regionum Nova Descriptio,

 Collection — Object: 1
Identifier: Map-0005

Map is likely illustrated by Joan Blaeu, though no name appears on the map itself. Contains two compass roses, three sailing ships, two cherubs holding a banner containing the map's scale, and illustrations of native peoples. On reverse, Latin text from unidentified book, from which the map was removed.

Dates: c. 1640

Virginiæ Partis australis, et Floridæ partis orientalis, interjacentiumque regionum Nova Descriptio (reproduction?),

 Collection — Object: 1
Identifier: Map-0007

Map comes from Arnoldus Montanus' De Nieuwe en onbekend Weereld, published in 1671 by Jacob Meurs. Contains hand-colored illustrations of native peoples, with title and scale incorporated into the natives' actions. Map encompasses the region from Virginia to northern Florida.

Dates: 1671