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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Rough or summary art works; less finished than studies or drawings. Though sketches are often in the drawing medium, the term "drawings" in general implies more finished works than does "sketches."

Found in 23 Collections and/or Records:

Sketch, Gartensalon (Garden Furniture) (Ms1988-005)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms1988-005_ZimblerLiane_B1F7_Watercolor_nd_no5

Sketch, Schlafzimmer (Bedroom) Dr. Mizzi Harpner (Ms1988-005)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms1988-005_ZimblerLiane_B1F7_Watercolor_1933_no14

Sketch, Small Library (Ms1997-006)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms1997_006_RuppStudio_002

Sketch, Staircase in Vienna (Ms1988-005)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms1988-005_ZimblerLiane_B1F7_Watercolor_1922_no27

Sketch, Stanford Storey House (Ms1997-006)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms1997_006_p8018_001

Sketch, unidentifed interior (Ms1988-005)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms1988-005_ZimblerLiane_B1F7_Watercolor_1933_no4

Sketch, Work from Amherest Alive Newspaper Article (Ms1991-025)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms1991-025_BliznakovMilka_AmherstAlive

Travel Sketchbook, Church of San Francisco (Ms1997-006)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms1997_006_RuppSigrid_Sketchbook_1998_1111_ChurchofSanFrancisco_QueretaroMexico

Travel Sketchbook, Mongolia (Ms1997-006)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms1997_006_Rupp_TravDiary_Mongolia_2000_0728

Travel Sketchbook, San Miguel Allende (Ms1997-006)

 Digital Record
Identifier: Ms1997_006_RuppSketchbook_Mexico_1998